Coordinating Committee For Saudi Students in Canada urge Canadian universities for action

Ontario – Canada, 12-08-2018, The Coordinating Committee For Saudi Students in Canada started a correspondence campaign targeting key Canadian Universities, institutions and student unions in addition to the Ministry of Education seeking their help and support to solve the ongoing crisis of Saudi students in the country.

The Committee sent an urgent note to the Canadian universities demanding a solution to the problem of students who will lose their educational achievements and the efforts they exerted over the past few years, especially those students who are about to finish their studies and submit their doctorate and master thesis for the viva discussions and academic examinations.

The Committee called on universities to exert pressure on the Saudi government to reverse the latter’s decision. It also suggested  in the letter that universities allow students to complete their studies through the distance learning system.

In another letter addressed to the Canadian Education Council, the committee said that Saudi students are in a difficult situation and are confused. Most of them do not want to go back to Saudi Arabia and want to complete their educational journey and academic courses which they started several years ago. The letter pointed out that students who would not return to the kingdom would be subject to libel or threat campaigns and this already started take place as many were threatened.

A third letter addressed the coalition of Canadian Student Councils, the newly formed committed urged  them to help students who are stranded and want to stay, especially those need  housing and accommodation for students who are stranded after the Saudi government’s decision.

A fourth correspondent was sent to the Canadian Ministry of Education proposing that the ministry issue a decree providing full scholarships for students who decided to stay in Canada to complete their study.

“The Canadian government’s record on promoting human rights and providing educational support for world country is widely recognised. We think providing the Saudi students with scholarships and support is in line with Canadian government support for human rights and human development for many countries. Thousands of scholarships for a number of countries in the world.” said the letter

It’s worth to mention that the  launch of Coordinating Committee For Saudi Students in Canada came as an urgent move to avoid the repercussions of Saudi government’s decision on Canada’s scholarship programs and its impact on Saudi students there, which threatens thousands of students and their families without taking into account their efforts and time to pursue their education.

The committee stated in an earlier press release, “Accordingly, we kindly urge the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the Crown Prince to instruct the government to immediately reverse its decision and work to stop the repercussions of the Saudi government’s policy which will affect the future of thousands of graduates in the programs of graduate and postgraduates studies.”

The Coordination Committee also added that, “it will reject ideas that affect our future, including the idea of ​​closing the scholarship system to Canada, which would hamper our achievements for several years. This is contrary to the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to protect his sons and daughters, fellow citizens, In particular.”


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